*names have been changed in order to maintain client confidentiality.

CASE STUDY: How OFCPA Helped Melanie Turn Financial Chaos into Financial Freedom


  • Melanie had a profitable business, but she also had a mountain of debt from student loans, credit cards, and car payments.
  • She couldn't sleep because of the financial stress.
  • She didn't know how bad things were, but she knew that there was a lot of money leaving her account every month for recurring payments....

The Process

After Melanie teamed up with OFCPA, a transformation was set into motion:

  1. Initial Consultation: OFCPA took the time to understand Melanie's unique financial challenges. Melanie felt heard and safe, a testament to OFCPA's patient and understanding approach.
  2. Financial Streamlining: OFCPA consolidated Melanie's financials into accounting software and even set her up with multiple payment processors.
  3. Ongoing Support: While formal check-ins were scheduled, Melanie found immense value in OFCPA's availability for ad-hoc questions.
  4. Tax Filing: Come tax season, a quick conversation with OFCPA was all it took to get everything filed.

The Results

  • Melanie now spends less time stressing about finances.
  • Successfully wiped out her debt.
  • Tripled her annual revenue.
  • Tax season is no longer a source of dread but an opportunity for savings.

Real-Life Impact

From the client:
"Matt was SO patient and understanding and didn't judge me for anything. I felt so safe. I'll never Growing up, my mom taught me that the most important thing was to get a low monthly payment that I could afford.
I'll never forget one of the very first conversations that I had with Matt. We started digging in to my debts and I learned the true cost of low monthly payments — I had signed up to pay $13,000 in interest on my car loan during my 72 month payment plan. I was completely freaked out - the purchase price for the car was $20,000!
We made a plan to use the cash flow from the business to pay off the loan early and it was like finding $10,000! We tackled all my outstanding debt, set up a repayment plan, and put it on autopilot.
Now, my son is the only thing that keeps me up at night 🤣"